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History and Mission

The Division of Animal Health (DAH) was created in 1969 by consolidating all of the activities of: the Livestock Sanitary Commission and the State Brand Commission. The DAH is divided into three programs: disease control, animal facilities inspection and brands. The Division of Animal Health works with two Boards, a nine member Animal Health Board and a ten member Pet Animal Advisory Board. The DAH joined the Kansas Department of Agriculture in 2011.

To ensure the public health, safety and welfare of Kansas' citizens through prevention, control and eradication of infectious and contagious disease and conditions affecting the health of livestock and domestic animals in the State of Kansas; to regulate facilities that produce, sell or harbor companion animals and enforce the laws governing such facilities; to direct an effective brand registration and inspection program to identify ownership of lost or stolen livestock and to inform the public of the status of the health of livestock in the state to promote understanding and gain public assistance in achieving this mission.


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