Specialty Crop Survey

In the Great Plains, as well as the United States, a shift is occurring in the way food is produced, distributed, prepared, and valued by the public. In particular, specialty crops have been dramatically affected due to increased consumer demand for locally grown produce. This has led to engagement of new growers and development of small local businesses surrounding food production. Although the reinvigoration of specialty crop production is exciting for both producers and consumers of local food, it presents a number of challenges due to the lack of recent production history in the region. Kansas and surrounding states are unique in that our lack of specialty crop history reduces our ability to develop ourselves professionally through partnerships with industry and governmental funding agencies.

A voluntary survey was conducted in 2016 to investigate the economic impact of specialty crop growers in Kansas and their effect on the local food system. A report of the survey findings has been created to expand our understanding of specialty crop growers in Kansas.

Specialty Crop Survey Results (Summer 2017)