Organic Cost Share Program

Kansas farms and businesses that produce, process or package certified organic agricultural products are eligible for the 2022 Kansas Organic Certification Cost Share Program. Under the 2022 USDA program, eligible producers or handlers may receive reimbursement for 50% of their certification costs up to a maximum of $500 per scope. If you are certified in more than one certification category (e.g., crops, livestock, wild crop or processor/handler), you are eligible for up to $500 for each category, for a total of $2,000.

Reimbursable certification costs must be incurred during the period October 1, 2021, through September 30, 2022 (federal Fiscal Year 2022) and can include any certification-related expenses such as inspection fees and user fees. Any invoices paid between the inclusive dates are eligible for reimbursement, regardless of which year’s certification they are applied to. The deadline for the application is November 30, 2022 (EXTENDED).

To apply for cost share funds:

  • Complete the application (completely filled out, signed and dated)
  • Attach additional required materials:
    1. W-9 form (Rev. 08/18) (available at
    2. A copy of your current Organic Certificate from your certifier.
    3. A copy of the itemized paid invoice(s) received from your certifier indicating the date of payment. (We cannot accept copies of canceled checks or invoices that do not show proof of payment.)
  • Submit completed applications and materials electronically or physically to the Kansas Department of Agriculture no later than November 30, 2022.

Please see the 2022 Organic Certification Cost Share Program Application for further details on completing and submitting your application.

Upon receipt of your documents, the Kansas Department of Agriculture will confirm certification and then provide reimbursement to the mailing address listed on this form. Mailing address must match the address listed on the W-9 form. Please note that incomplete forms may delay your reimbursement. Based on the receipt of the completed application packet by the KDA, reimbursements will be on a first-come, first-served basis until the limited program funds are exhausted.

Supporting Documents:

More questions about reimbursement details?

Q: What is the reimbursement amount available to a certified operation?
A: A certified operation may be reimbursed for up to 50% of their allowable certification costs, not to exceed $500 per certification.

Q: What costs are reimbursable?
A: Eligible costs include costs include application fees, inspection costs, fees related to equivalency agreement/arrangement requirements, travel/per diem for inspectors, user fees, sales assessments and postage.

Q: What costs are not reimbursable?
AIneligible costs include equipment, materials, supplies, transitional certification fees, late fees and inspections necessary to address National Organic Program regulatory violations.

Q: What is the maximum reimbursement amount available to a certified operation?
A: The maximum reimbursement is $500 per certification scope. An operation may be certified under more than one certification scope. Since there are 4 possible certification scopes in Kansas, the maximum reimbursement amount is $2,000. 

For additional information contact:

Tori Laird, Kansas Department of Agriculture, 785-564-6726

Jackie Keller, Organic Crop Improvement Association, 785-633-4621

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