Public Comment on Proposed Regulation Changes

Below is a current listing of those regulation changes coming up for public hearing.  If you would like to register a comment with the Department of Agriculture to be presented for consideration at the public hearing, click on the regulation title to learn more about the changes and send us your comments. (Comments will not be posted on the website.)

Notice of Hearing 
on Proposed Animal Health Administrative Regulations, Statewide

K.A.R. 9-18-6

K.A.R. 9-18-9

K.A.R. 9-18-28

Economic Impact Statement

Notice of Hearing 
on Proposed Plant Protection and Weed Control Administrative Regulations, Statewide

Proposed Administrative Regulations Regarding Industrial Hemp
(K.A.R. 4-34-1 through K.A.R. 4-34-21)

Economic Impact Statement Regarding Industrial Hemp
Comment on Regs Graphic
  Comment below on any of the proposed regulation changes.