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Growth Project Contacts

The Kansas Agricultural Growth Strategy project has been a collaborative effort involving leaders from throughout the Kansas agriculture industry. Sector discussions and development of sector documents were coordinated by staff members at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, to facilitate and organize the process. If you would like to participate in the growth strategy project, or if you would like more information about a particular sector and the progress being done to this point, please contact one of the individuals who has served as a facilitator for that agricultural sector. 

Josh Roe
Growth project role: Poultry, Sorghum
Phone: 785-564-6707
Email: Josh.Roe@ks.gov

Suzanne Ryan-Numrich
Growth project role: Pork, Pet Food
Phone: 785-564-6704
Email: Suzanne.Numrich@ks.gov

Kerry Wefald
Growth project role: Poultry, Sorghum, Ag Technology & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 785-564-6758
Email: Kerry.Wefald@ks.gov

Mary Soukup
Growth project role: Animal Health, Beef
Phone: 785-410-0393
Email: Mary.Soukup@ks.gov

Russell Plashka
Growth project role: Ag Equipment Manufacturing & Sales, Dairy
Phone: 785-564-7466
Email: Russell.Plaschka@ks.gov

Kellen Liebsch
Growth project role: Wheat, Corn
Phone: 785-564-6726
Email: Kellen.Liebsch@ks.gov

Janelle Dobbins
Growth project role: Food Processing, Equine
Phone: 785-564-6759
Email: Janelle.Dobbins@ks.gov

Lexi Wright
Growth project role: Specialty Crops, Specialty Livestock
Phone: 785-564-6755
Email: Lexi.Wright@ks.gov

Dana Ladner
Growth project role: Unmanned Aerial Systems, Ag Equipment & Manufacturing, Ag Technology & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 785-564-6660
Email: Dana.Ladner@ks.gov

Abby Works
Growth project role: Cotton, Pet Food
Phone: 785-564-6757
Email: Abby.Works@ks.gov

Shirley Acedo
Growth project role: Dairy, Beef
Phone: 785-564-7467
Email: Shirley.Acedo@ks.gov

Kim Nettleton
Growth project role: Feed & Forage
Phone: 785-564-6709
Email: Kim.Nettleton@ks.gov

Callahan Grund
Growth project role: Animal Health, Soybeans & Other Oilseeds, Ag Technology & Entrepreneurship
Phone: 785-564-6798
Email: Callahan.Grund@ks.gov