About Us

Updated March 28, 2019


The Division of Conservation (DOC) administers the Conservation Districts' Law and other laws designed to assist local entities and individuals in conserving our natural resources. The State Conservation Commission serves as a program advisory board consisting of five elected Commissioners; two ex officio members representing Kansas State University Research and Cooperative Extension; and two appointed members representing the Kansas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service.

Mission Statement

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation, works to protect and enhance Kansas' natural resources through the development, implementation, and maintenance of policies, guidelines, and programs designed to assist local governments and individuals in conserving the state's renewable resources.

Conservation Programs

Programs administered by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Division of Conservation (DOC) include:

  • Aid to Conservation Districts
  • Cost-Share Program
    • Water Resources Cost-Share Program
    • Non-Point Source Pollution Control Program
  • Riparian and Wetland/Streambank Protection Program
    • Riparian Quality Enhancement Initiative (RQEI)
    • Sediment & Nutrient Reduction Initiative (SNRI              
  • Flood Control & Lakes Programs
    • Multipurpose Small Lakes Program
    • Water Supply Restoration Program
    • Watershed Dam Construction Program
  • Water Conservation Programs
    • Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)
    • Water Transition Assistance Program (WTAP) 
  • Surface-Mining Land Conservation and Reclamation Program
  • Kansas Agricultural Liming Materials Act