Farm Winery Report

In Senate Bill 25, the 2023 Kansas Legislature tasked the Kansas Department of Agriculture to assess the status and issues surrounding regulation of Kansas’ farm wineries. The purpose of this report is to fulfill the statutory request through an examination and analysis of the Kansas grape and wine industry.

Download a pdf of the report here: Kansas Farm Winery Report

Farm Winery Report

Kansas has a rich history of growing grapes and producing wine. Today, there is an estimated 566 acres of grapes in Kansas between independent vineyards and estate wineries. There are currently 41 wineries and vineyards that are registered for agritourism in the state.

This report’s examination of the grape and wine industry includes analysis of the issues and legal obstacles around labeling and licensing for winemakers, the farm winery licensing structure in Kansas, and benefits and reasons for registering as an agritourism activity. The report also utilizes a comparative analysis to identify and categorize wine industries from eleven selected states by production and market characteristics.

To see growth, Kansas’ wine industry must leverage its strengths to overcome barriers and take advantage of opportunities in the future, as identified in the SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) included in this report. Overall, the Kansas grape and wine industry has a positive outlook but is faced with barriers both internally and externally.