Licensing, Inspections and Certifications

**2024 Live Plant Dealer License renewals will be available mid-December 2023. **

Export Inspections And Certificates

Plants and plant products that move across state and federal boundaries are subject to quarantines and other legal restrictions. Plant Protection staff provide inspection and certification services to facilitate movement of plants and plant products from Kansas to other states and countries. Specific requirements depend on the destination.

  • International Shipping of Plants and Plant Products

  • Interstate Shipping of Plants and Plant Products

  • Growing Season Inspections

  • European Corn Borer Authorizations

Industrial Hemp License

Please see Applications for Industrial Hemp License for information regarding licensing requirements, fees and deadlines.

Live Plant Dealer License

Please see Selling Plants in Kansas for information regarding licensing requirements and exemptions. The Live Plant Dealer License year is February 1 – January 31 and must be renewed annually. The license fee is $85 per location per year. More information about exemptions is available on the Selling Plants in Kansas page.   

Help with KDA Portal Account

Seed Business Registration Application

Every person in the business of selling agricultural seed for the purpose of planting must register with KDA. The Seed Business Registration year is September 1 – August 31 and must be renewed annually. Retail Registration is $30, Wholesale Registration is $250, and Combination Registration is $280.  Please see our Agricultural Seed page for information regarding registration requirements.

If you are renewing your account, use the web code provided on the renewal reminder postcard you received in the mail.  For new registrations, once you have created an account, you will be able to renew your registration at any time. 

Weed Free Forage And Mulch Program

Please see Certified Weed Free Forage & Mulch for information regarding program standards. Plant Protection staff provide inspection services to certify fields under this program. Producers should request inspections approximately 2 weeks prior to harvest to allow time for scheduling. After inspection, producers are provided with an inspection report that details the crop and findings. Fields must be harvested in the time frame described by the program standards. After harvest, producers must return the inspection report within 90 days to request bale tags and transit certificates.

Inspection fees are $30 per hour for service and travel time (rounded to the nearest quarter hour) plus roundtrip mileage from the inspector’s duty station and the distance between fields. The mileage rate is equivalent to the current federal rate. Inspections are billed after completion. Bale tags are $0.20 each.