Applications for Industrial Hemp Research Program

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is implementing the Industrial Hemp Research Program as authorized by the Alternative Crop Research Act (K.S.A. 2-3901 et seq.).

The 2020 Industrial Hemp Research Program submission deadline was November 30, 2019. KDA will contact the primary applicants and licensees as indicated in received applications for confirmation of application receipt. Please be patient as KDA reviews applications for their completeness as additional correspondence will be shared concerning each application’s review process. During the application review and approval process, the State Advisory Board will review each submitted proposal and provide KDA with a recommendation for licensure.

If you submitted an application and have NOT received a confirmation email (sent on Friday, Dec. 6) please contact the KDA Industrial Hemp Research Program staff at



Grower Licenses — Growers may cultivate, plant, grow, handle, harvest, store, condition, distribute or transport their own industrial hemp
Checklist for Grower License Application

Distributor Licenses Distributors may handle, store, condition, distribute or transport industrial hemp
Checklist for Distributor License Application

Processor Licenses Processors may handle, store or process industrial hemp
Checklist for Processor License Application

State Educational Institution Licenses University applicants may cultivate, plant, grow, handle, harvest, store, condition, distribute, transport or process industrial hemp 

How to Submit Your Application

  • Submit together in one mailing:

  • Send to:

  • Deadline: November 30, 2019

  • State and National Criminal History Background Check

  • Guidelines for Filling Out Research License Applications

  • Important Deadlines

Program Fees: when and how to pay

  • Application Fee

  • Background Check fee

  • License Fee

  • Payment Options

Request for Permission Forms

Application Review Process

  1. Complete application arrives at KDA (including the application, research proposal, fingerprint cards, waivers, and applicable fees).
  2. Fingerprint cards and waivers are sent immediately to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to begin the state and national criminal history check. The background check is expected to take 10-15 business days upon the receipt of the fingerprint card by the FBI.
    1. If an illegible fingerprint card is submitted for an individual, the illegible card will be sent back to KDA and the individual who submitted the illegible finterprint card must submit a new and legible card and a new waiver. Illegible fingerprint cards will greatly slow the process;click here for a list of the most common reasons fingerprint cards are returned. 
  3. Complete applications will be reviewed by administrative staff at KDA to ensure they meet all program requirements.
  4. When the results have been received from the KBI, complete applications will be reviewed by the Industrial Hemp Advisory Board and a recommendation will be made to the Secretary of Agriculture, who will then either approve or deny the application for licensure.
  5. If the Secretary approves the application, the primary licensee will be notified that you have been conditionally approved and you will be required to send in the applicable license fee.
  6. Your license fee is due within 15 days of being notified of your conditional approval. If you do not pay the license fee within 15 days, your conditional approval shall be terminated, and your requested licenses shall not be issued. Full List of Program Fees
  7. Once your license fee is received, your license will be issued.
  8. See this table of Industrial Hemp Important Deadlines for additional dates which will apply to licensed participants of the Industrial Hemp Research Program
* Watch your email! The primary method of communication throughout this process will be via email.

Open Records

Research license applications, research proposals, and any attachments submitted to KDA are subject to public disclosure pursuant to the Kansas Open Records Act. You must maintain a copy of your completed Research License Application, all attachments, and, if applicable, the mailing receipt and tracking number for your records. Record retention is required by regulation.