Licensing Guides

Starting a new business? Looking to expand your business? Look no further. Below are  different business licensing guides that have been developed to make this process transparent and efficient.

Kansas Department of Agriculture Licensing Guides have been created to identify some of the licensing, permitting requirements required by agencies involved in opening and operating Kansas businesses. In addition to licenses required by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, local or federal government agencies may have additional regulations to follow when starting your business. Contact your local planning authority to ensure you follow all local business development laws, rules, regulations and guidelines.

Licensing Guides are updated frequently and are a service of the Kansas Department of Agriculture Advocacy, Marketing & Outreach Team. Contact an agribusiness development coordinator or specialist if you have questions about any step of the licensing or permitting process.

If you have a business related to food fiber or natural resources and do not see the licensing guide that fits your business need, please email Russ Plaschka and request additional information.

We look forward to working with your business and serving any needs you might have.