Food and Agriculture Security

The KDA Emergency Management Coordinator works with programs to ensure the security and protection and the food and agriculture sector in Kansas.  Generally, these activities fall into three areas: Animal Health, Plant Health and Food Safety.  Several programs overlap, for example Dairy is concerned with animal health and food safety.  Meat and poultry inspection is similar.  The goal is to eliminate the traditional silos and prepare the sector as a whole.  Planning, training, and exercise activities are conducted in all of the areas and the Department has established an inter-program/division Incident Response Team that would respond to any event requiring a response. 

Animal Health Emergency Planning

  • Five Year Strategy to Improve Preparedness

  • Planning, Training and Exercise Activities

  • Zoological Parks Preparedness

Food Protection and Defense

  • Planning, Training and Exercise Activities

Plant Health Emergency Planning

The Plant Protection and Weed Control Program has been actively engaged in emergency preparedness activities for many years.  Click HERE to go to the Emergency Preparedness page for plant health.