DWR Field Offices

The Kansas Department of Agriculture's Division of Water Resources field offices are now making themselves available to the public by appointment during regular business hours.

If you need to speak with someone in person, please contact the appropriate field office to schedule an appointment. All staff and visitors are required to wear face coverings in public areas of KDA buildings, and social distancing must be maintained while in the building.

Stafford     620-234-5311     Jeff.Lanterman@ks.gov
Stockton     785-425-6787     Kelly.Stewart@ks.gov
Garden City     620-276-2901 or,

Four field offices serve water users statewide. Each office is managed by a water commissioner, who is the chief engineer's agent, and each is staffed with employees familiar with local water issues.
Map of KDA/DWR Field Office AreasDivision of Water Resources Field Offices

Duties conducted by field office staff include:
  • Administering available water supplies
  • Responding to public inquiries
  • Processing certain water right changes
  • Conducting field inspections and investigations
  • Investigating water related complaints
  • Determining water right compliance
  • Data collection
  • Providing access to water right records