GMD 5 Rattlesnake/Quivira LEMA

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Description File Size Document Date Provided By
Resolving the Quivira Impairment, August 2019 775 KB  Aug 2019 KDA 
KDA-DWR Formal Response to February 22, 2019 LEMA Proposal 102 KB 07/30/2019  KDA 
Barfield response to Oct 29, 2018 letter on LEMA issues (Mystery River / MDS)
Barfield to GMD No. 5
David Traster to Barfield regarding Mystery River and Prior Appropriation
KDA and David Traster
Update on Quivira impairment, presented by Chief Engineer Barfield at the KGS field conference
311 KB  06/10/2019 KDA
DWR Review of GMD 5's February 22 LEMA Proposal 3.4 MB  05/30/2019 KDA 
KDA informal review of comments on GMD 5's February 22 LEMA Proposal 2 MB 04/04/2019 KDA 
Quivira NWR LEMA Request to DWR by GMD5 2.2 MB  02/22/2019  GMD5 
KDA-DWR Memo on Sufficiency of GMD 5's Augmentation-Only Plan to Resolve Quivira Impairment 671 KB  01/04/2019 KDA
KDA-DWR Evaluation of the impact of end gun removal on wateruse within GMD 5 under its 2010 AWEP 208 KB  01/04/2019 KDA
Petition for Judicial Review dismissed 298 KB 01/02/2019 KDA and David Traster
KDHE Initial Water Quality Analysis of Augmentation at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
1 MB
12/21/2018 KDHE
KDA Response to LEMA Proposal 58 KB 12/20/2018 KDA
GMD No. 5 LEMA Proposal 4 MB 12/13/2018 GMD No. 5
GMD No. 5 LEMA Proposal transmittal 1 MB 12/13/2018 GMD No. 5
Memorandum of Understanding between Chief Engineer and GMD No. 5 91 KB 11/14/2018 KDA and GMD No. 5
Correspondence between KDA and GMD No. 5 669 KB  10/17/2018 KDA
USFWS Letter to KS Audubon regarding impairment 402 KB 10/16/2018  Service 
Letter from four Kansas Congressmen to US Fish and Wildlife 110 KB 08/29/2018 Congressmen
KDA response to KS Audubon 252 KB  08/27/2018 KDA
KDA review of August 9, 2018 draft GMD5 LEMA Management Plan 200 KB  08/23/2018  KDA 
KS Audubon letter regarding impairment 105 KB 08/22/2018  KS Audubon
Draft LEMA Proposal, August 2018 6 MB 08/13/2018 GMD
KDA feedback on July 2018 draft plan
103 KB 08/6/2018 KDA
Draft LEMA Proposal 3 MB  07/12/2018 GMD
Correspondence - Secretary McClaskey to GMD No. 5 37 KB 05/17/2018 KDA
Correspondence - GMD No. 5 to DWR, Response to April 26, 2018 letter 79 KB 05/15/2018  GMD 
Climate-based water use estimation
803 KB 05/15/2018 KDA
Correspondence - Secretary McClaskey to GMD No. 5 Board of Directors
97 KB 04/26/2018 KDA
Petition for Judicial Review 784 KB 04/04/2018 David Traster
Letter regarding Opposition to Draft Proposal 1 MB
Kenny Titus email to Preheim with attached additional markup of 3/6/2018 8 MB 03/07/2018 KDA
Chris Beightel email to Orrin Feril with attached rewrite of the draft plan 1 MB  03/03/2018 KDA
Correspondence - Comments on the proposed Big Bend GMD LEMA Plan, David Traster 144 KB 03/01/2018 David Traster
Draft LEMA Proposal 7 MB 02/2018 GMD
Presentations on Proposed LEMA at GMD No. 5 Annual Meeting (YouTube)  02/15/2018 Multiple
DWR presentation on Quivira Impairment Remedy Requirements (YouTube) 02/15/2018 KDA
Response to request for data on end guns and model runs (Cover Letter)(Data download)
24 MB  01/05/2018 GMD
Kenny Titus email to Lynn Preheim with attached: a) letter and b) comments on their draft plan (comments at end of document) 25 KB
62 KB
1.2 MB
12/22/2017 KDA
Request for data on end guns and model runs 154 KB 12/17/2017 KDA
KDA letter to GMD No. 5 regarding 2018 water administration, expectations for a remedy and calling for a public meeting 184 KB 12/13/2017 KDA
Correspondence regarding draft "backstop" control provision options
Multiple 10/20/2017 KDA
Outline of LEMA plan elements needed to address impairment 132 KB 09/08/2017 KDA
GMD5 LEMA Proposal Outline, August 2017 62 KB 08/2017 GMD

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Impairment Complaint
Groundwater Management District No. 5 website
Groundwater Management District Act (K.S.A. 82a-1020 through 82a-1042)