Governor's Wildfire Task Force

Large-scale wildfires have caused catastrophic financial losses and threatened the safety of residents, fire fighters, and first responders. The Wildfire Task Force took a comprehensive look at mitigating wildfire threats, reviewed the role that local governments and state officials play in responding to such emergencies, and addressed how these entities can provide more support to communities impacted by devastating wildfires.

The Task Force will make recommendations about how state and local govt can mitigate the circumstances that can lead to wildfires and cause them to expand, and the ways that officials can better respond to wildfires in the future.

Task Force Members

Membership of the Wildfire Task Force comprises representatives from local, state and federal agencies and organizations which have played an active role in responding to wildfires across the state. It includes representatives from local fire departments, the Kansas Division of Emergency Management, the Kansas Association of Counties, the League of Kansas Municipalities, the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts, the Kansas Forest Service, landowners who have been affected, and elected officials.

Kansas Governor's Wildfire Task Force

News Release Announcing Creation of the Task Force

News Release Seeking Public Input on Wildfire Prevention and Response