Brands Program

Purpose of Livestock Brands in Kansas

Livestock brands are used on livestock to identify animals. Therefore, if livestock brands are unreadable due to complicated designs that people cannot report or identify, or do not brand well, the livestock brand is not useful. A livestock brand needs to be distinguishable with reasonable certainty from all other current brands. Additionally, if the brand record is not up to date with current contact information, the livestock brand is not helpful in finding owners for lost or taken up animals.

A livestock brand is not intended to be a logo and does not need to be registered to be used as such. A livestock brand however MUST be REGISTERED with the Kansas Division of Animal Health Brand Office before branding any animal.

History of Brands in Kansas

Brands are markings used to identify livestock. Animal brands have been a visual means of identification throughout history. Starting from the time of the open range to the present, branding has assisted in showing ownership of livestock throughout Kansas.

The original open-fire method was practical in the beginning, followed by the electric iron and then advancing to the freeze-branding method. In Kansas, both the hot and freeze brand methods are recognized. Through registration of a livestock brand in the brands program, this means of identity continues to play a special part in the livestock industry and its history.

Currently, the Brands Program maintains a brand registry of more than 17,000 brands and assists with the market brand inspection program, which is performed by contract. A special investigator assists local law enforcement with lost, stray and stolen livestock, coordinating investigations between agencies and victims.

Brand Inspection

While brand inspection is not mandatory in Kansas, the state has six contract brand inspectors who provide brand inspection upon request for a fee. In addition, these inspectors serve six Kansas livestock markets that have chosen to contract with the department for inspection services.

Brand Inspectors

Jim Dunn, St. Francis
      Cell — 785-332-4167
Jason Nelson, Lenora
      Cell — 785-421-8725
Gail Olson, Syracuse
      Cell — 620-384-4844
Dale Stramel, Hays
      Cell — 785-623-1704
Norman Strayer, Norton
      Cell — 785-871-7303
Coleton Valentine, Syracuse
      Cell — 620-449-9271

Kansas Brand Book

We no longer print and offer a bound copy of the Kansas Brand Book.

The historic brand books may be accessed here.

To access our database of current Livestock Brands electronically, click here.

Contact Info

Mariah Louderback — Brand Recorder
     Desk — 785-564-6609

Special Agent Jim Pinegar — Brand Investigator
     Cell — 785-207-8733

Special Agent Josh Winkler — Brand Investigator
     Cell — 785-338-0554