Sheep and Goat Survey

The specialty livestock industries in Kansas are relatively small compared to more traditional livestock production in Kansas. However, the industries that do exist are successful and have benefited from increased consumer demand. Statewide interest in the sheep and goat industries continues to increase. In 2020, Kansas agriculture stakeholders and the sheep and goat industries were asked via public survey tool to provide detailed information about their sheep and goat inventories, size and scope of operations, and marketing outlet information.

The purpose of the 2020 Sheep and Goat Survey was to investigate the impact of the sheep and goat industries in Kansas. The information will be used to advance education, marketing, research and outreach activities designed specifically for the Kansas sheep and goat sectors. The Kansas Department of Agriculture has identified barriers and opportunities within those markets to allow the agency to become more responsive to producer and market needs. The survey is a direct result of being a high priority item identified by the industry during the 2019 Kansas Ag Growth Summit.


Sheep and Goat Survey Summary (Summer 2021)

Sheep and Goat Survey Summary (Summer 2021)

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