Animal Facilities Inspection

The Animal Facilities Inspection Program regulates companion animal facilities required to be licensed under the provisions of the Kansas Pet Animal Act. The Act requires licensing and inspection of all:

     •dog and cat breeders who produce, offer or sell
      three or more litters during the state fiscal year,
     •pounds, shelters and animal rescues,
     •pet shops,
     •research facilities,
     •distributors, in and out-of-state,
     •boarding facilities and
     •foster homes.

All facilities listed above must submit a yearly Veterinary Care Form. This form is valid for 1 year from the date signed by a licensed Veterinarian.

The Animal Facilities Inspection (AFI) field staff inspect and regulate these licensed facilities throughout the state of Kansas. Office staff maintains licenses, health papers and correspondence pertaining to the program.

Pet Animal Act

Statutes and regulations for small animals can be found under Article 17 of the Kansas Department of Agriculture Statutes. For a detailed look at these statutes, click here.

USDA Regulations - Animal Care Blue Book

These USDA regulations are only applicable to animal breeders and distributors.

AFI Small Animal Facilities Seminar

The first semi-annual Small Animal Facilities Seminar, hosted by the Animal Facility Inspections Program, with support from the Kansas Pet Professionals and the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, will be held June 9-10 at the Acorns Resort at Milford Lake. The event will be free and is limited to 100 participants.

The purpose of the seminar is to:

  • Provide the pet animal industry of Kansas an opportunity to heighten its knowledge of pet animal health through continued education,
  • promote collaboration between the variety of license types to enhance animal health techniques, and
  • provide statutory and regulatory updates to licenses within the pet animal industry

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Cheryl Morris from the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
Dr. Don Bramlage from Revival Animal Health.

Breakout Sessions

Shelter medicine
Handling and behavior
Contingency planning
Reptile/bird/small mammal
KDA regulations
USDA regulations


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Contact Tyler Brewington by calling 785-564-6605 or emailing with further inquiries. 

Online License Management

As of August, 2016, license renewal mailing notifications provide instruction to access owner's licensing information online. This allows owners to renew their license, update information, cancel their license or request a license for a new facility. *Please note that foster reporting, renewals, adding or deleting fosters, is only available online through the link below.

To renew your license online through Kelly Solutions, click here.

*For shelters, to update or add a foster license, click here.

For downloadable Small Animal Program Forms, click here.