Animal Facilities Inspection

Animal Facilities Inspection Program

The Animal Facilities Inspection Program regulates companion animal facilities required to be licensed under the provisions of the Kansas Pet Animal Act. The Act requires licensing and inspection of all:

     •dog and cat breeders who produce, offer or sell three or more litters during the state fiscal year
     •pounds, shelters and animal rescues
     •pet shops
     •research facilities
     •distributors, in and out-of-state
     •boarding facilities

All facilities listed above must submit a yearly Veterinary Care Form. This form is valid for 1 year from the date signed by a licensed Veterinarian.

The Animal Facilities Inspection (AFI) field staff inspect and regulate these licensed facilities throughout the state of Kansas. Office staff maintains licenses, health papers and correspondence pertaining to the program.

Pet Animal Act

Statutes and regulations for small animals can be found under Article 17 of the Kansas Department of Agriculture Statutes.

USDA Regulations - Animal Care Blue Book

These USDA regulations are only applicable to animal breeders and distributors.

New Licensing Regulations

The Kansas Pet Animal Advisory Board, along with the Animal Facility Inspection (AFI) Program, has worked hard over the last several years to produce a set of regulations in which all licensed facility types would be inspected under the same standards.  These new regulations were finalized and adopted into law within the Kansas Pet Animal Act on November 17, 2017.

To view a recorded version of the webinar, forms, and the updated regulations, please see here

Limited Availability or Change in Preferred Hours

If you are going to be away from your facility or otherwise unavailable for an inspection, please let our office or your inspector know to prevent possibly being assessed a $200 no-contact fee. There are several ways to contact us with this information. You may contact the office by phone at 785-564-6605 or by email at You may also contact your inspector directly by phone, email or text at the following:

Inspector Chris Demel

Inspector Ben Lancaster

Inspector Sara Washee

Legal Order to Allow Fostering

This order was signed in April 2019 to allow dogs exhibiting signs of or diagnosed with a known infectious or contagious disease to be transferred from licensed animal shelters and rescue networks to foster homes, provided certain conditions are met. 

April 2019 Order