Missing Livestock and Stray/Stolen Reports

If you think livestock have been stolen...

  • Preserve the crime scene. Do not disturb any tire tracks or footprints.
  • Report it immediately to local law enforcement. Timely reporting is essential to successful investigations.
  • Complete and submit a Stray/Stolen Report.   Print   Fillable

Prevention tips

  • Check your livestock often.
  • Count your livestock weekly.
  • Keep written records with dates on head counts, movements and deaths.
  • Brand your livestock – this is still the best way to positively identify and track your livestock.
  • Lock all gates. Limit and deter access to your property.
  • Pay attention to your property and surrounding areas. Note who is coming and going.
  • Talk with neighbors and other producers often.
  • If you see something suspicious, report it to local law enforcement.
Kansas statute addresses missing livestock and may be accessed here.
  • Stock Running at Large - Article 1
  • Strays - Article 2
  • Marks and Brands - Article 4

Report Missing, Stolen, or Found Livestock

To report missing, stray or stolen livestock, or if you have taken up a stray animal(s), use the form linked below to submit a detailed report to your local sheriff and to KDA.Brands@ks.gov.

Recent Stray/ Stolen Reports