Biosecurity Resources

Biosecurity is another way of saying “infectious disease control.” Biosecurity is a combination of management practices designed to prevent the introduction and transmission of diseases into and throughout a herd. Infectious diseases can be transmitted by animals, people, equipment and vehicles.

Feedyard Biosecurity Project

The Division of Animal Health has been working with Dr. Larry Hollis to modify an existing biosecurity planning template, developed in Texas, for Kansas producers.  While the template is specific to feedyards, the material is applicable to all animal agriculture facilities. The Kansas version of the template can be accessed below.

If you are interested in working through the template one chapter at a time, Dr. Hollis will be working with feedyard managers and consulting veterinarians.  You can provide your contact information to the Division of Animal Health and you will be contacted each month with the latest chapter and suggestions and feedback regarding your planning efforts.

The Kansas Template is available below:

Exhibition Biosecurity

Livestock exhibitions are events where animals have an increased risk of getting infectious diseases due to the commingling of animals from different sources. Taking some simple precautions can help reduce that risk and keep your animals healthy. Below are species specific, biosecurity recommendations for ensuring the health of your show livestock.