KPAA Amended Regulations

The Kansas Pet Animal Advisory Board, along with the Animal Facility Inspection (AFI) Program, has worked hard over the last several years to produce a set of regulations in which all licensed facility types would be inspected under the same standards. These new regulations were finalized and adopted into law within the Kansas Pet Animal Act on November 17, 2017. 

Overview Webinar

Review details of the new regulations for all licensees in the recorded webinar here

New Regulation FAQ

  • Do these new regulations apply to a licensed veterinary facility?

  • For the exercise requirement, what is the formula for the space required?

  • Is there a minimum exercise clause to the exercise plan?

  • Are there specific requirements shelters or rescue networks need to be inspecting for the foster homes?

  • Do foster homes require an exercise plan?

  • Are the regulations inclusive to city facilities for stray animals?

  • What if a shelter cannot determine the exact age of a puppy or kitten?

  • If we only have an outdoor kennel for our city pound, are we now required to provide air conditioning?

  • Is there a difference in temperature regulations for cats and dogs in a shelter environment?

  • Are there any grace periods to get in compliance with the new regulations based on financial constraints?

  • How does a shelter or rescue network report the offsite adoption events?

  • How many fire extinguishers should you have in your building?

  • How long will facilities be given to have the contingency plan and the exercise plan in place?

  • In the case of animals that pose a threat, is there an exception to exercise if the only way is to interact with the animal by staff?

  • Are shelters required to exercise dangerous animals such as bite watches or cats?

  • Are boarding facilities required to have a picture and description of each animal on file?

  • Is the care giver (foster) of an adopted animal responsible for the spay/neuter verification or is it the shelters responsibility?

  • What are the identification requirements?

  • For evacuation purposes can I relocate animals to another facility in MO and vice versa?