Brand Search

Click here to search for Registered Kansas Brands

Brands that are actively registered are listed by brand image, with the owner's name and where the brand is registered on the animal.

Search for brands by:
  • brand code characters (letters, symbols and/or numbers),
  • location on the animal (hip, ribs, or shoulders; right or left side of animal), or
  • search by owner/company/county to which the brand is registered.

All brands shown are CURRENTLY REGISTERED. If you don't find a brand you are searching for in the database, it may be coded differently. For example, if you are searching for a "lazy M", try also searching for a "W"; for an upside-down "7", try searching "L". If a brand you are searching for does not exist in the database, it is likely not actively registered.

Apply online for a new brand here, or download the paper application form here. Don't forget to include a check for $50 with the paper form, and mail to:

      Kansas Department of Agriculture
      Brands Program
      1320 Research Park Dr
      Manhattan KS 66502