RENEWAL SEASON IS OPEN! If your brand is due for renewal in 2021, click HERE to begin the renewal process.

Brand Renewal or Transfer

Brands are registered for a five-year period from April 1st of the registered year. When a brand is due for renewal, an email or a letter will be sent in early March to notify the brand owner, with a reminder in early May. If a brand is not renewed, official cancellation of un-renewed brands takes effect on June 1st.

  • Renewals paid online are $45 per location.
  • Renewals paid via check are $50 per location.
  • Transfer/ Name Change is $15 per brand, and may be done at renewal or anytime between renewal dates.

To apply for an expired brand, or to apply for a new brand:

  • Submit a new application online by clicking here, or
  • Download an application to fill out and mail here, or
  • Contact the Kansas Brands Program at 785-564-6609.

Renew Brands Online

Brand renewal notifications provide instruction to access owner’s brand information online. These notifications will be sent via email when an email address is included on the account, or a letter will be sent via postal mail in the absence of an email address on file.

The online account will have options for a brand owner to renew or cancel their brand, and update their contact information and email address.

Ownership (changing the registered name on a brand) cannot be updated online. For change of ownership during the five-year active brand period, please see the section below for "Brand Transfer or Name Change". An additional fee and a signed and notarized Bill of Sale are required when changing ownership of a brand.

To access the online renewal portal, click here. This will take you to a secure website operated by Kelly Solutions, a Georgia-based payment processing company. However, all brand fees and registrations are managed by the Kansas Brands Program. You will need your Reference ID and Password provided in your renewal notice to access your account.

Renew Brands through Postal Mail

Follow the instructions on the brand renewal letter, which will be mailed in early March the year the brand is due for renewal. Return the letter, with $50 renewal payment, to the Kansas Brands Program at:

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Brands Program
1320 Research Park Drive
Manhattan, KS 66502

Checks can be made to "KDA - Brands"

Brand Transfer or Name Change

NOTE: To help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Governor has issued Executive Order 20-20 which temporarily allows notaries and witnesses to act via audio-video communication technology. To view the entire Executive Order, CLICK HERE.

Before transferring ownership of a currently active brand, read these Brands Guidelines.

To transfer ownership of a currently active brand, fill out the Bill of Sale, located on the back or bottom of the current Certificate of Brand Title. If you do not have your active brand title, contact the Brand Office for a new copy, or fill out the Bill of Sale for Brand Transfer. There is a $15 fee per brand transfer.

The Bill of Sale has three sections to fill out; the first section will have the name and contact information for the new owner, the middle section is where ALL current owners must sign, and the last section is for the notary to sign and stamp.

If all owners are not present to sign, legal documents detailing the ownership of the brand must be included with the signed Bill of Sale. Examples might include a death certificate, will or trust documents, or a divorce decree with ownership of the brand stated. Call the Brand Office at (785) 564-6609 with questions about what documentation will be accepted.