Consumer Protection

Meat and poultry products are an integral part of the food chain. Because these products can be associated with food borne illnesses, making sure products produced in Kansas are safe is an important public health safeguard. The Kansas Meat & Poultry Inspection Program not only helps ensure the safety of these products, but also protects the public from economic fraud.

To help navigate throughout this site the following acronyms are used:

AMS  Animal Marketing Service 
CFR  Code of Federal Regulations 
COFS  Certificate of Free Sale
FDA  Food and Drug Administration 
FMIA  Federal Meat Inspection Act 
FS&L  KDA Food Safety & Lodging 
GMP  Good Manufacturing Practices 
HACCP  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points 
IPP  Inspection Program Personnel 
KDA  Kansas Department of Agriculture 
KMPIA  Kansas Meat and Poultry Inspection Act 
KDAMPIP  KDA Meat & Poultry Inspection Program 
LEP  Limited English Proficiency 
SOP  Standard Operating Procedures 
SSOP  Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures 
USDA  United States Department of Agriculture 
USDA APHIS  USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service 
USDA FSIS  USDA Food Safety Inspection Service 


Report a Complaint

Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA)

To report an issue or file a consumer complaint involving meat or poultry products, please click on the link to fill out a KDA Complaint Form.

The Kansas Meat & Poultry Inspection Program is committed to ensuring the civil rights of all customers and employees. For more information and to view the non-discrimination statement, visit KDA's Human Resources webpage.

If you have had an interaction with a Kansas Department of Agriculture representative that you believe constituted discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin (including English language proficiency), disability, sex, age, or religion and wish to file a complaint with KDA, please contact KDA Human Resources. You can email KDA HR at or call (785) 564-6712, where you will be directed on how to submit a complaint.

Kansas Attorney General's Office

The Kansas Attorney General's Office handles complaints and investigation requests regarding a number of issues. Please visit their website to choose the topic that best describes your complaint, or click on the link below to navigate directly to submit a consumer investigation request.

Kansas Attorney General's Office Complaint Center
Kansas Attorney General's Office Consumer Investigation Request

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

To file a consumer complaint involving meat or poultry products produced at a USDA facility, an eCCF (Electronic Consumer Complaint Form) should be submitted online.

Other Helpful Information

Kitchen Companion: Your Safe Food Handbook

This food safety handbook contains all the basic information you need to know about food safety: some old and some new and all in one place. Between the information-rich chapters and the easy index in the back, Kitchen Companion will likely answer all of your food safety questions. But if not, don't miss the food safety contact information on page 44 of the handbook. The USDA's Food Safety Inspection Service is always available to help.

Foodborne Illness

Foodborne illness, also referred to as food poisoning, is defined as any illness resulting from pathogenic bacteria, viruses or parasites that contaminate food, as well as prions and toxins. To learn more about foodborne illness, please visit or the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)