Upper Republican


A questionnaire was handed out and collected at the October 2 public information meeting. If you were unable to attend the meeting or have more thoughts to share, please complete the online version of the questionnaire by November 2 at www.agriculture.ks.gov/upperrepublican/survey.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Water Office hosted an informational meeting and forum on October 2, 2018, at the Cheyenne County Fairgrounds in St Francis, Kansas, to discuss Upper Republican River Basin issues including options for Bonny Reservoir and how to best invest $2 million in the basin's water resources.

Documents pertaining to the October 2 meeting:
Description File Size Document Date
Presentation by Chief Engineer
1 MB 10/2/2018
Announcement 122 KB 9/18/2018
Agenda 87 KB 9/18/2018
Press Release 79 KB 9/18/2018

Additional information:
Description File Size Document Date
Settlement on Colorado's past water use 114 KB 08/01/2018
KDA-DWR presentation, January 2017 833 KB 01/04/2017
Agreement with Colorado on pipeline 683 KB 08/24/2016
KDA-DWR maps of South Fork Area 2 MB 04/02/2015
KDA-DWR presentation, April 2015 1 MB  April 2015
KDA-DWR presentation, June 2014 1 MB  June 2014
KWO 2014 South Fork Forum Notes 80 KB 06/24/2014