Water Appropriation Forms

Applications For Permit To Appropriate Water For Beneficial Use 
Instructions for Completing Applications for Beneficial Use 
Application for Permit to Appropriate Water for Beneficial Use 
This form must be accompanied by one of the following use specific forms and one of the MDS Forms.

Hydrologic Systems Subject to Minimum Desirable Streamflow

Applications For Temporary or Term Permits  
Application for Term Permit 
Application for Temporary Permit 
Combination Application for Water Appropriation and Water Structure  
Application for Permit Obstructions in Streams and Appropriation of Water for Recreational Use Water Projects Environmental Coordination Act  
Reference Map - Potential Net Evaporation in Inches by Township and Range 
Applications to Change an Existing Water Right 
Change Place of Use, Point of Diversion or Use Made of Water Under Existing Water Right 
Instructions for Change Application Form
Application to Divide a Water Right
Application to Divided Water Right Supplement
Request to Reduce a Portion of an Existing Water Right 

Extensions of Time 
Request for an Extension of Time to Complete Diversion Works 
Request for an Extension to Perfect a Water Right

Additional Water Appropriation Forms

Water Right Conservation Program (WRCP) Application
Notice of Completion of Diversion Works 
Flowmeter Repair or Replacement Report
Voluntary Dismissal of a New Application 
Voluntary Dismissal of a Water Right 
Voluntary Dismissal of an Application for Change 
Water Use Correspondent Change Form