Report a Small Animal Complaint

On this page you are able to report a Small Animal Facility complaint. Small animals consist of dogs, cats, reptiles, rabbits, rodents and pet birds.
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If you choose to remain anonymous, please know that we understand your desire for privacy and you may skip the "Your Contact Information" section below. However, we sometimes have questions about the complaints we investigate. If we are unable to contact you, it could slow or stop our investigation.

For a cruelty, neglect, or abuse complaint, please contact your local law enforcement.



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For boarding purposes only
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For boarding purposes only
*The incident I am reporting resulted in illness or other adverse health effects to humans, animals or plants.

*Does this complaint involve an animal health concern of an animal in which you purchased, boarded, or adopted from a facility?

*Was your animal diagnosed with an illness?

If you answered yes to the previous question, please send veterinarian documentation of
your animal’s diagnosis, along with any other supporting documents that you may have to or fax Sasha Thomason / Animal Health at 785-564-6778.
Important Note:  Please understand that this form submits the information to our database and emails the Animal Facility Inspection Program with your complaint.  It will take the system just a minute to complete the submission - Please Click the Submit Button only once.