Kansas Department of Agriculture News Releases

KDA Seeks Public Input on Callery Pear Trees


The Kansas Department of Agriculture is requesting public comment on a proposal to limit the number of Callery pear trees (Pyrus calleryana) that are planted in Kansas each year. This includes trees with the names of Bradford, Cleveland Select, Chanticleer, and others.

Because of this tree’s inherent invasiveness and its proven tendency to spread to areas outside of the landscapes in which is planted, KDA is seeking ideas on how to restrict the further introduction of these trees into the state, including a possible quarantine that would restrict new planting or movement of the Callery pear into and within the state of Kansas. 

Although KDA recommends the removal of all invasive species found to be growing on public and private lands, this proposal would not include any requirement for the removal of any Callery pear trees that had already been planted. Therefore, listing the species as a noxious weed would not be applicable in this case.

The plant protection and weed control program at KDA is committed to protecting the state’s native and cultivated plants from the introduction and outbreak of harmful plant pests, including insects, plant diseases, weeds, and other organisms.

Provide comment on the idea of restricting the movement of Callery pear trees into and within the state of Kansas at agriculture.ks.gov/PublicComment.