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KDA Releases 2021 Kansas Bluestem Pasture Survey

The Kansas Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Kansas State University Land Use Survey Program, has published the 2021 Kansas Bluestem Pasture Survey, a summary of leases on bluestem pasture in the Flint Hills region of Kansas. The survey and report are released on a biennial basis.

The report details the average rates and terms of short summer season leases, ¾ summer season leases, full summer season leases, winter grazing leases and full year leases on bluestem pasture in 2021. The report also includes information on custom fence building rates in the Flint Hills region. Last published in 2019, the new report indicates leasing rates have increased for most contracts and bluestem pasture conditions have slightly declined. Prices in the report should not be regarded as official or established rates.

“Each region of Kansas has unique attributes to the agriculture sector. The native tallgrass region provides rich grazing opportunities for cattle producers. Data collected from survey respondents in the 14-county Flint Hills area can aid landowners and renters when entering into lease agreements,” said Secretary of Agriculture Mike Beam. “We are pleased to financially support this survey, and this tool is another example of how our agency works to provide useful data that supports the state’s agriculture industry.”

The format of the 2019 and 2021 Bluestem surveys are different than previous years, due to changes in question format to better reflect native tallgrass prairie use and leasing practices. Due to these changes, discussion on leasing rates are not directly comparable prior to 2019. Historical leasing rates can be found on older Bluestem Pasture Survey reports.

For more complete information, including access to the 2021 report and past reports, please visit the KDA website at www.agriculture.ks.gov/AgStatistics or contact KDA economist Tori Laird at 785-564-6726 or Tori.Laird@ks.gov.