Division of Water Resources

The Division of Water Resources administers 30 laws and responsibilities including the Kansas Water Appropriation Act which governs how water is allocated and used; statutes regulating the construction of dams, levees and other changes to streams; the state's four interstate river compacts; as well as coordinating the national flood insurance program in Kansas.

Minimum Desirable Streamflow is being administered on the Saline River above Russell and the Smoky Hill River above Ellsworth.

DWR Approved Meter List: Current list of approved water flowmeters, forms and instructions.

Multi-Year Flex Accounts (MYFAs):  The deadline for including the current calendar year (2016) as the first year of the five (5) year MYFA will be October 1. Click here for more information and application forms.

Hays R9: Information about the City of Hays' applications to KDA-DWR for water right changes and water transfer of the R9 Ranch can be found here.

Quivira: Information about the investigation of the impairment complaint filed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on behalf of the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge can be found here.

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