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Growth Strategy Project

** Growth Strategy Document updated 1-24-2018**

The Kansas Agricultural Growth Strategy project is a direct result of a 2015 Governor's Economic Council discussion focused on the development of a statewide strategic growth plan for agriculture. These documents have been compiled by the Growth Team in the Kansas Department of Agriculture as part of the Agricultural Growth Strategy project.

Since early 2016, hundreds of meetings have been held among agriculture industry leaders to discuss the opportunities in and the barriers to economic growth, and to identify the outcomes desired for each agricultural sector. In August 2017, the second Kansas Governor’s Summit on Agricultural Growth was held in Manhattan, Kansas, bringing together nearly 400 leaders from across industry sectors under one roof to outline specific action items to achieve those outcomes.

All content within these documents are the compilation of feedback and direct input from agricultural stakeholders during the Summits and other meetings of leaders within the various agricultural sectors. They are not intended to represent the opinions and priorities of the executive branch.

FULL DOCUMENT: This comprehensive Growth Strategy Document (updated 1-24-2018) provides background information for all agriculture industry sectors including desired outcomes for each sector and specific action items to achieve those outcomes.

OVERVIEW: Kansas Advantage; Challenge & Opportunities

SECTOR DOCUMENTS: These documents (updated 1-24-2018) provide background information for 19 Kansas agriculture industry sectors. They identify sector challenges and opportunities. along with the desired industry outcomes and the action items that will achieve those outcomes.

What's Next: Leaders within each of the 19 agricultural sectors are working together in collaborative efforts to address the action items which were identified during the 2017 Kansas Governor's Summit on Agricultural Growth.

The action plans for growth in the agricultural sectors are dynamic documents that will be updated continuously and used to hold team members accountable when appropriate and to track industry activity when needed. Progress on the outcomes will be shared as necessary, including at the 2018 Ag Growth Summit.

Save the Date: Mark your calendar now for the 2018 Kansas Governor's Summit on Agricultural Growth on Thursday, Aug. 23, 2018.

THANK YOU! The assistance and support of more than 600 Kansas agriculture leaders in providing input and feedback is especially appreciated. If they had not been willing to answer a call from “government” and participate in the development of this collaborative document, the direction this document provides and the partnerships to get it done would not exist.