Metrology Lab

The Kansas Metrology Laboratory provides traceability services, both internally and externally. In addition to testing the mass and volume standards for our own inspectors, the metrology program provides testing services for service companies and industry.

Standards that are tested include weights, weight carts, test measures, and provers. The testing provides traceability to the International Standards (SI). Most of our customer’s standards are used to calibrate weighing and measuring devices. Industry and manufacturers, also, use standards for quality control and product development.   

The Kansas Metrology Laboratory maintains a National Institute of Standards and Technology, Certificate of Metrological Traceability. The laboratory, also, participates in inter-laboratory comparisons of standards and participates in regional metrology measurement assurance meetings to ensure that the results of the Kansas Metrology Laboratory are consistent with other metrology laboratories.

Capabilities of the Kansas Metrology Laboratory:

  • Mass Echelon II (30 kg to 1 mg; 1000 lb to 0.001 lb; 8 oz to 0.03125 oz)
  • Mass Echelon III (500 kg to 1 mg; 3000 lb to 0.001 lb; 8 oz to 0.03125 oz)
  • Weight Carts (8000 lb to 2000 lb)
  • Volume Gravimetric, I (5 gal)
Volume Transfer, II (1000 gal to 5 gal; 100 gal to 20 gal LPG)

Fees and Guidelines

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Effective July 1, 2016, pricing will change at the Kansas Metrology Laboratory.

A letter explaining the pricing changes will be sent to customers and can be seen here: Metrology Lab Update.

The new pricing structure is outlined here: Laboratory Pricing.

Please read updated guidelines prior to submitting items to the laboratory: Kansas Metrology Submission Requirements.

A Kansas Metrology Lab Customer Submission Form must be filled out prior to calibration.