State Board of Agriculture

The Kansas State Board of Agriculture is composed of nine members appointed by the governor. One member is appointed from each congressional district and the remaining members are appointed at large. No two members can reside in the same county at the time of their appointment, and no more than five can be members of the same political party. The regular term of office is four years.

Kansas Department of Agriculture
Kansas State Board of Agriculture
(K.S.A. 1996 Supp. 74-562)
March 11, 2015

Current Board Members

District 1
Tracy Brunner
1724 200 Avenue
Ramona KS 67475-9001
Term Expires: 01/08/2019
District 1
Larry Powell 
2209 Grandview Drive E
Garden City, KS 67846-9668
Term Expires: 01/10/2021
District 1
Jerry C. McReynolds
1757 31 Rd
Woodston, KS 67675-9037
Term Expires: 01/08/2019

District 2
William Pracht
20477 SW Florida Rd
Westphalia, KS 66093-8249
Term Expires: 01/08/2019

District 2
Thad G. Geiger
1669 175th Rd
Troy, KS 66087-5210
Term Expires: 01/08/2019

District 2
Ann M. Peuser
1313 7th
Baldwin, KS 66006
Term Expires: 01/10/2021

District 3
Scott Strickland 
2707 W 50th Terrace 
Westwood, KS 66205-1738
Term Expires: 01/10/2021

District 4
Michael L. Springer
PO Box 10 
Sycamore, KS 67363-0010
Term Expires: 01/08/2019

For more information, contact Executive Secretary Kayla Stansbury,
(785) 564-6797