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Letter from four Kansas Congressmen to US Fish and Wildlife 110 KB 08/29/2018 Congressmen
KDA response to KS Audubon 252 KB  08/27/2018 KDA
KDA review of August 9, 2018 draft GMD5 LEMA Management Plan 200 KB  08/23/2018  KDA 
KS Audubon letter regarding impairment 105 KB 08/22/2018  KS Audubon
Draft LEMA Proposal, August 2018 6 MB 08/13/2018 GMD
KDA feedback on July 2018 draft plan
103 KB 08/6/2018 KDA
Draft LEMA Proposal 3 MB  07/12/2018 GMD
Correspondence - Secretary McClaskey to GMD No. 5 37 KB 05/17/2018 KDA
Correspondence - GMD No. 5 to DWR, Response to April 26, 2018 letter 79 KB 05/15/2018  GMD 
Climate-based water use estimation
803 KB 05/15/2018 DWR
Correspondence - Secretary McClaskey to GMD No. 5 Board of Directors
97 KB 04/26/2018 KDA
Petition for Judicial Review 784 KB 04/04/2018 David Traster
Letter regarding Opposition to Draft Proposal 1 MB
Correspondence - Comments on the proposed Big Bend GMD LEMA Plan, David Traster 144 KB 03/01/2018 David Traster
Draft LEMA Proposal 7 MB 02/2018 GMD
Presentations on Proposed LEMA at GMD No. 5 Annual Meeting (YouTube)  02/15/2018 Multiple
DWR presentation on Quivira Impairment Remedy Requirements (YouTube) 02/15/2018 DWR
Response to request for data on end guns and model runs (Cover Letter)(Data download)
24 MB  01/05/2018 GMD
Request for data on end guns and model runs 154 KB 12/17/2017 DWR
GMD5 LEMA Proposal Outline, August 2017 62 KB 08/2017 GMD

Quivira National Wildlife Refuge Impairment Complaint
Groundwater Management District No. 5 website
Groundwater Management District Act (K.S.A. 82a-1020 through 82a-1042)

GMD5 Rattlesnake/Quivira LEMA