Kansas Agricultural Statistics

Kansas Agricultural Statistics, a joint venture involving the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Kansas Department of Agriculture, collects, maintains and disseminates statistics about Kansas agriculture. KDA works to provide accurate and current information about the Kansas agriculture industry. 

Regular information provided from the department includes the Kansas Hay Report, Kansas Sunflower Report, Kansas Livestock Market Report and Kansas Farm Facts.

Other popular reports published are:

Weekly Crop Progress and Condition – A summary of the previous week’s crop progress and conditions and weather information.

Crops – Monthly reports cover acreage, crop production, grain stocks, farm income, land values, exports and wheat quality.

Prices – Select state and mid-month average prices received, price indices and annual estimates of prices paid by farmers.

Livestock - A summary of reports released including cattle inventory, calf crop, cattle on feed, slaughter, milk and dairy products, sheep and goats.

Hogs and Pigs – An inventory of hogs and pigs, pig crop and farrowing intentions.

Custom Rates – Rates paid by Kansas farmers for custom work. For 2013 data click here. For historical data from prior years click here.

Bluestem Pasture – Rates paid by Flinthills ranchers for bluestem pasture and custom fencing work.  The Bluestem Pasture report was reinstated in 2013, after being discontinued in 2009.

Wheat Varieties – Reports on varieties of wheat seeded in the state, funded by Kansas Wheat.

Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents – Land values in the state, along with county-level cash rental rates.