KDA Agency Goals

The Kansas Department of Agriculture will achieve its vision and mission by:

  • Creating a “best-in-state plus” work force and a work environment with a positive culture and attitude;
  • Working diligently to make the agency more innovative and efficient while streamlining program operations;
  • Fulfilling and upholding statutory and regulatory obligations fairly, transparently, efficiently and effectively;
  • Working with industry partners to guarantee the interests of Kansas and the agriculture industry are considered in state and federal policy decisions;
  • Providing customer support, timely responsiveness, educational resources, and critical information to all Kansans;
  • Broadening the understanding and appreciation of agriculture and its economic contribution amongst Kansas citizens;
  • Providing support and assistance to help make Kansas businesses more successful, grow rural communities, expand markets for Kansas agricultural products, level the playing field, grow the agricultural workforce, and encourage more farms, ranches and other agriculture businesses to expand in or relocate to Kansas; and
  • Being a model state agency. 

*Each division and program within the agency has developed its own action goals and objectives specific to the program, which directly align with the agency goals and objectives.