KDA Agency Priority Objectives

In order to achieve our agency goals and maintain an achievable focus, the following objectives are considered top priority:

  • Improving customer service and compliance education for all customers and licensees;
  • Streamlining and automating internal and external systems and continuing to identify opportunities for program and agency efficiencies in daily business activities;
  • Performing daily responsibilities effectively and efficiently with a focus on customers served and cross training when appropriate;
  • Evaluating and adjusting program, division and agency structure to continually improve effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Eliminating unnecessary and outdated regulations and/or agency activities;
  • Enhancing internal communications and professional development opportunities for agency staff;
  • Recruiting and retaining high quality employees — the right people, doing the right thing, with the right attitude;
  • Continuing to build upon a commonsense policy and regulatory agenda and influencing federal policy issues in accordance with industry needs and interests;
  • Growing agriculture in the state, eliminating barriers to growth, developing workforce and building marketing activities in-state, out-of-state and globally;
  • Developing strategic partnerships with Kansas State University and other potential partners to better serve Kansans and the agriculture industry; and
  • Advocating for agriculture at all levels and providing industry outreach. 
*Each division and program within the agency has developed its own action goals and objectives specific to the program, which directly align with the agency goals and objectives.