HOWTO: Using Zoom at KDA

What is Zoom?

Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

As a KDA employee you have access to a Zoom account using you KDA username and password (See "Downloading the Zoom Client for Meetings" for more information).

Zoom Video Tutorials

Downloading the Zoom Client for Meetings

  1. Click the following link to download the full version of Zoom:
  2. Run or Open the file depending on your browser.
  3. Click on the Zoom icon on your Desktop.
  4. Click on Sign In with SSO:

  5. Enter kansasag in the text field for the company domain and click Continue.
  6. Sign in with your full KDA login (example: along with your current KDA password.

Schedule a Meeting

  1. Click Schedule.

  2. Give your meeting a name in the Topic box.
  3. Enter the meeting start date, time and length.
  4. Select your Audio and Video options. We recommend Both for Audio Options.
  5. Under Meeting Options, click on Advanced Options.
  6. Check the box Enable join before host.
  7. Select a calendar type. Typically, you would select Outlook. If you already have an Outlook calendar appointment with attendees, choose Other. You can then copy and paste the Zoom meeting information in your Outlook event and send an update to your attendees.

Zoom Menu Bar

Audio Options
Manage your audio options here or mute your microphone during a Zoom session.

Video Options
If you have a webcam, you can turn on your video or leave it turned off during your Zoom session.

Manage Participants
See who is in the Zoom session. If you’re the organizer, you can also mute and un-mute specific attendees or all attendees.

Share Screen
Share an open application on your desktop, make annotations, or allow others to operate your mouse.

For anyone who doesn’t have a microphone or a place for attendees to ask questions during a presentation.

Zoom Tips

Hosting Meetings

Select the Enable join before host option to allow your attendees to enter the meeting before you are there. Select the Other calendar option to display information about the scheduled meeting that you can copy and paste into a meeting invitation. Use the Mute all and/or Mute on Entry option to help prevent disruptive noisy feedback when someone joins your meeting. Click the Manage Participants button on the ZOOM menu bar and then click Mute All or More and then Mute on Entry. Don’t worry, participants can un-mute themselves.

Note: Meetings with more than 100 participants can be requested by contacting the KDA IT Service Desk, or calling 785-564-6740.

Joining Meetings

Install ZOOM software before meeting begins. Click the link in the meeting invitation, launch ZOOM, and then download and install the ZOOM software. Participants are not required to have a ZOOM account in order to join a meeting. Mute your microphone to avoid feedback when joining a meeting by clicking either the Mute/ un-mute my audio button or the Audio options button on the ZOOM menu bar. Don’t have a microphone? Join a meeting with a phone using the teleconference number given in the meeting invitation. Alternatively, use Chat on the ZOOM menu bar to send messages to meeting participants.

Note: All KDA users have access to a Basic account that includes:

  • 40 minute limit on group meetings
  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings

Note: If your meeting is scheduled for longer than 40 minutes please contact the KDA IT Service Desk, or call 785-564-6740, and we can assist you with setting up your meeting without interruption.