KDA Organizational Charts

The Kansas Department of Agriculture is the state agency devoted to the total support of agriculture in Kansas. The department works for the entire Kansas agriculture sector and is committed to a balanced approach of:

  • Serving Kansas farmers, ranchers, agribusinesses and the consumers/customers they serve;
  • Providing an environment that enhances and encourages economic growth of the agriculture industry and the Kansas economy; and
  • Advocating for and promoting the agriculture industry, the state’s largest industry, employer and economic contributor; while
  • Helping to ensure a safe food supply, protecting natural resources, promoting public health and safety, protecting animal health, and providing consumer protection to the best of our ability.
The Kansas Department of Agriculture is made up of several programs that perform different administrative, marketing, regulatory and other services. Those sections organizational charts are listed below.

KDA Administration
KDA Leadership
Agricultural Laboratory
Ag Marketing
Animal Health
Dairy & Feed Safety
Food Safety and Lodging
Meat & Poultry
Pesticide & Fertilizer
Plant Protection & Grain
Water Appropriations
Water Management Services
Water Structures
Weights & Measures