ID Card / Building Access Policy

Provides guidelines used to determine the issuance of KDA ID Cards and/or Manhattan Building access ID cards.  The cards are issued by the Manhattan HQ Facility Manager. 

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Identification Cards and Manhattan Building Access Policy


All Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) employees will be issued identification cards to be used whenever proof of employment with KDA is necessary.  These cards will also serve to access the KDA Manhattan office building.  Access is controlled in the Manhattan office in order to provide a secure work environment, control access to agency personnel and data while creating a welcoming atmosphere in which the public may conduct business with the agency.


  1. The Manhattan building manager is responsible for identification cards and building access.
  2. All employees will receive an identification card.
  3. Building manager provides the appropriate card for new hires and current employees.

              a. The building manager will set-up new employees with an ID card and building
                  access if needed during their orientation process.

              b. Program managers may request from the building manager a change in access for
                  employees as needed. 

     4. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by a member of the executive team.      

Manhattan Duty Station

     5. All employees assigned to the Manhattan office will receive identification cards that also
         serve as building access cards.This shall include interns and student employees.

     6. All building access/ID cards must be returned when the employee leaves employment at

               a. Supervisors are responsible for building access/ID cards in possession of their
                   employees and must see that they are returned to the building manager upon
                   separation of employment.

     7. Building access/ID cards are linked with specific employees.

               a. This enables deactivation of specific cards, enhances the security of the building and
                   allows for managed access.

               b. There shall be an accounting of all cards issued.

     8. Keys to specific doors in the Manhattan office will be issued by the building manager.

               a. Those employees working in offices will be issued a key for the office door.

               b. Those employees designated by their program manager will be issued keys for the
                   storage rooms on the first floor.    

Field-based Employees

     9. Field staff attending meetings in the Manhattan building will be issued a staff access card
         for the duration of the meeting.

               a. The employee will be required to sign for the card

               b. The employee must return the card to the front desk prior to departing for the field.

               c. Field-based employees reporting regularly to the Manhattan office may have their
                   employee ID card enhanced to provide building access if requested by their


     10. Contractors performing work in the Manhattan Office will be assigned a visitor’s access
           card for the day.

               a. The contractor will be required to sign for the card

               b. The contractor will retain the visitor’s pass until the work is completed.

               c. The contractor must return the card to the front desk prior to leaving the facility.    


     11. Customers coming to the building for services:

               a. The customer will be asked to wait in the reception area

               b. The appropriate KDA employee/program will be notified that the customer is in the 
                   lobby and is expected go to the lobby to greet the customer.

                    i. The KDA employee may meet with the customer in the lobby or utilize an
                       adjoining conference room to visit with the customer; or

                    ii. The KDA employee may escort the customer to the 2nd or 3rd floor to provide
                        customer service then escort the customer back to the reception area upon