HOWTO: Forward Your Desk Phone To Another Number

Follow these steps to Forward calls from your Desk Phone to another number whether it be landline or mobile phone.

  1. Along the bottom of your desk phone’s display, press the button that says More.

  2. Now press the button that says CFwdAll (Manhattan and Topeka) or Fwd All (Garden City and Stafford).

  3. You will hear a confirmation tone and will now enter the phone number that your phone will be forwarded to.

  4. If you are forwarding your phone to another number within your division or program, enter the 5-digit extension (Example: 46700).

  5. If the phone number you are forwarding to is a local from your phone, enter 9 + 7-digit number.

  6. If the phone number you are forwarding to is a long-distance phone call, enter 9 + 1 + Area Code + 7-digit phone number (Example: 917855646749).

  7. You will now see on the phone display that calls are forwarded to the number you entered.

  8. Upon returning to the office, press the More button followed by CFwdAll or Fwd All. Call Forwarding is now turned off.