Kansas Department of Agriculture News Releases

Kansas Department of Agriculture Issues Fuel Waiver

The Secretary of Agriculture has issued an order to waive enforcement of a specific fuel restriction to help fuel retailers with continuity of business and prevent potential future shortages.

Due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, many business sectors are experiencing significant reductions in demand for products, including a reduction in the demand for gasoline. This has resulted in many gasoline retailers still holding an excess amount of winter grade gasoline in storage, which is required by law to be sold or reformulated by April 1 each year. The time and pipeline capacity required for reformulation of winter grade gasoline could negatively impact fuel supply in the future.

According to the order, gasoline meeting current standards for winter grade gasoline are permitted until April 30, 2020. The full order can be accessed at the Kansas Department of Agriculture website at agriculture.ks.gov/Fuel.