HOWTO: Webmail & Office Online Portal

To Access Email Online When You Don’t Have Access to Outlook Follow the Steps Below:

  1. Open a web browser. (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome)

  2. Type the URL search bar at the top of the screen and press the ‘Enter’ key.

  3. Type your full KDA username in the provided field and click Next.

  4. Type your full KDA username in the ‘User name’ field and your computer logon password in the ‘Password’ field, check the ‘I accept the Terms & Conditions’ checkbox, then click Log On.

  5. You can use any of the Office apps in this online portal that we have as KDA employees. If you need to check email, click on Outlook. You can also download the Office Suite on up to 5 different devices by clicking the Install Office drop-down and then clicking the Office 365 apps option.