Licensure Qualifications

Pursuant to K.S.A. 74-120 and Executive Order 18-13, the Kansas Department of Agriculture has shared these documents to provide information pertaining to specific civil and criminal records that could disqualify an applicant from receiving a license, certification, registration or permit issued by the Department.

An individual may petition for an informal written advisory opinion concerning whether your specific civil or criminal records will result in disqualification, you may do so. 

How to petition for an informal written advisory opinion 
Agricultural Chemical Act  Pesticide and Fertilizer Program
Alternative Crop Research Act  Plant Protection and Weed Control Program
Chemigation Safety Law  Pesticide and Fertilizer Program
Commercial Feed License  Dairy and Feed Safety Program
Dairy Law — Dairy and Feed Safety Program
Domestic Deer Permits  
Division of Animal Health
Egg Law  Food Safety and Lodging Program
Fertilizer Law  Pesticide and Fertilizer Program
Food Establishments and Food Processing Plants  Food Safety and Lodging Program
Grain Warehouse  Plant Protection and Weed Control Program
Meat and Poultry Inspection Act  Meat and Poultry Program
Pesticide Law  Pesticide and Fertilizer Program
Pet Animal Act  Division of Animal Health
Plant Pest and Agriculture Commodity Certification Act  Plant Protection and Weed Control Program
Public Livestock Markets Act  Division of Animal Health
Scales and Dispensing Devices  Weights and Measures Program
Soil Amendment Act  Pesticide and Fertilizer Program