Pest Watch Lists

The insects, diseases, and plants described in the watch lists are serious threats to Kansas' natural and cultivated plant resources.

If you suspect you have found one of these organisms, please follow the guidelines below when collecting and submitting a sample.


  • More than one specimen is helpful for identification.
  • At least 10 individuals are requested for ant identification.
  • Preserve ants and beetles in alcohol.
  • Place moth specimens in a container or plastic bag and freeze.
  • Record the location noting land marks, a legal description or physical address.
  • Describe the situation where the pest was found (landscape, forest, park, roadside, cropland, etc.).
  • Note pest level of occurrence (single pest, low, moderate, high).
  • Contact the Kansas Department of Agriculture Plant Protection and Weed Control program.
  • Asian Longhorned Beetle

  • Gypsy Moth

  • Red Imported Fire Ant

  • Japanese Cedar Longhorn Beetle

  • Africanized Honey Bee

  • Spotted Wing Drosophila

Watch these videos to help learn to identify the symptoms and the pests:


  • Collect a specimen including roots if possible and press between sheets of newspaper.
  • Photograph the plant at the site.
  • Record the location noting land marks along with the legal description.
  • Describe the type of land use (cropland, road ditch, waste area, stream bank, etc.).
  • Describe the location (rocky, wet, dry, sandy, etc.).
  • Contact the Kansas State Weed Specialist at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection and Weed Control program.
  • Go to the Early Detection & Distribution Mapping System and report your sighting.

Aquatic Weed Watch List
Kansas Noxious Weeds List
Invasive Weed Watch List

  • Purple Loosestrife

  • Hydrilla

  • Spotted and Diffuse Knapweed

  • Black Swallow-wort

  • Yellow Toadflax

  • Dalmatian Toadflax

  • Cogon Grass (Bloodgrass)

  • Tropical Soda Apple

  • Exotic Knotweeds

  • Japanese Honey Suckle

  • Exotic Bush Honeysuckle


  • Pine Wilt

  • Karnal Bunt

  • Wheat Flag Smut