Industrial Hemp Public Forums and Outreach

Many public forums and outreach events have taken place since spring 2018, throughout the development of the Industrial Hemp Research Program. Summaries of these events and content shared at the events can be found here.

Outreach Events

Information about the Industrial Hemp Research Program has been presented at several events since early 2019. You can see the information presented by KDA at the links below.

Jan. 17, 2019: Sumner County Ag Day in Wellington — KDA Presentation
Jan. 31, 2019: Kansas Hemp Development Group in Wichita — KDA Presentation
Feb. 12, 2019: Wildcat Extension District in Parsons — KDA Presentation
Feb. 21, 2019: Haskell County K-State Research and Extension in Sublette — KSRE Presentation
                 (Presentation includes audio; download in Powerpoint)
                 KDA presentation in Sublette was the same as in Parsons on Feb. 12
Apr. 24, 2019: Kansas Association of County Planning and Zoning Officials in Russell — KDA Presentation
July 23, 2019: Cheyenne County Kansas Farm Bureau — KDA Presentation
Nov. 6, 2019: Hempucation in Russell Kansas — KDA Presentation
Dec. 13, 2019: K-State Research & Extension — Dr. Lucas Haag Winter Update
Dec. 13, 2019: Ag Marketing Advisory Board — Industrial Hemp Presentation
Jan. 31, 2020: Kansas Farm Bureau Environmental and Natural Resources Committee — KDA Presentation
Feb. 12, 2020: Lyon County Farm Bureau — KDA Presentation
June 5, 2020: Ag Marketing Advisory Board — Industrial Hemp Presentation

Public Hearing Regarding Regulations

A public hearing was conducted on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2019, at the Kansas Department of Agriculture, to consider adoption of these proposed regulations. More than 125 people attended this public hearing, and several dozen people presented comments. 

The proposed regulations that were reviewed can be seen here:
Industrial Hemp Research Program Regulations (updated 11-16-18)
Economic Impact Statement
Approved Varieties

Questions about the proposed regulations, economic impact statement or approved varieties list can be sent to

Kansas Farmers Union Events

On Oct. 22 and 23, KDA participated in four informational meetings about Industrial Hemp in Manhattan, Salina, Colby and Garden City hosted by Kansas Farmers Union. The presentation shared by KDA at those meetings can be seen here: KDA Industrial Hemp Presentation. Information on the event, including the video of the guest presenter, can be found on the Kansas Farmers Union website

Ag Growth Presentation

At the Kansas Ag Growth Summit in August, an update was shared with attendees at an afternoon session about industrial hemp. The presentation can be seen here

Open Dialogue and Information Exchange

A public forum at the Kansas Department of Agriculture was attended by more than 150 farmers, ranchers and other stakeholders in three sessions throughout the day on May 11, 2018. 

Panel for questions 2

The public forum sessions provided an overview of the Alternative Crop Research Act, including the legal parameters set within the bill, and the procedures that will guide development of the rules and regulations. Guest speakers included Brent Burchett, the director of the plant division from the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and Mitch Yergert, retired director of the division of plant industry from the Colorado State Department of Agriculture.

Information from the public forum will be provided here as it becomes available. 

KDA Overview of SB 263 and the Regulation Adoption Process
Kentucky's Industrial Hemp Program
Colorado's Industrial Hemp Program
Overview of Open Discussion Topics

Video of prepared presentations:
NOTE: The power point presentations referred to in the videos can be accessed at the links above.

KDA overview of SB 263 and the regulation adoption process
Kentucky's Industrial Hemp Program
Colorado's Industrial Hemp Program

Transcript of discussion: 
Full and complete transcript 
This transcript includes the prepared presentations from the first session in the morning, followed by the public comment/Q&A portion of all three sessions. 
Scott Marsh presentation .................................. page 8
Jeff Vogel presentation 12
Brent Burchett presentation .............................. page 20
Mitch Yergert presentation ................................ page 38
Session 1 (9:00-11:00) comments/Q&A ........... page 61
Session 2 (11:30-1:30) comments/Q&A ........... page 106
Session 3 (2:30-4:30 p.m.) comments/Q&A ..... page 148