Active Licenses

Lists of expired and active license holders in the Industrial Hemp Research Program as of February 1, 2020, are available below for public reference. 

Since 2020 grower, distributor, processor, and state educational institution licenses for the Kansas Industrial Hemp Research Program are still being issued by the Kansas Department of Agriculture, and licenses may be withdrawn from the program, these lists are subject to change and will be updated periodically throughout the license term.

For regulations governing the issuing of licenses, please see K.A.R. 4-34-5: Licenses issued by the department; general requirements for licensees for general license rules and regulations.

Please click on the year for which you would like to view the licensing information.

Expired and Active Industrial Hemp Program Licenses (active lists updated 07-24-2020)

 License Type   Expired* Active
 Grower   2019            2020        
 Distributor   2019 2020 
 Processor   2019 2020 
 State Educational Institution            2019 2020 

                                    * 2019 Licenses expired 01-31-2020 

Access to names and license numbers for all active licensees (primary and secondary) in the Industrial Hemp Research Program may be found accessing the Industrial Hemp Licensee Search. You may search via a licensee’s last name to view all licenses associated with that individual; an individual may be associated with multiple licenses. Furthermore, you may search via license number to view all individuals associated with a license.

Please access the portal following the link below:

The Kansas Department of Agriculture will not provide contact information for the individuals listed without completion of an open records request and a confirmation of a confidentiality agreement. Please do not solicit information from these individuals. PROHIBITED USES: K.S.A. 45-230 prohibits the use of names and addresses derived from public records for certain commercial purposes. Violation of this law can result in a civil penalty not to exceed $500 for each violation.