Export Services

Plant and Plant Product Certification System

Many states and foreign countries have placed quarantines or other legal restrictions on Kansas to minimize the risk of Kansas pests being transported on Kansas-produced plants and plant products that are moving in domestic and international markets.

Plant Protection and Weed Control Program staff provides inspection and certification services to declare to importing states and foreign countries that Kansas plants and plant products meet their import requirements. These inspections are not required by the State of Kansas.

The various types of inspections listed below are provided to meet the requirements of the importing state or country. Import requirements for each state and foreign country may not be easily accessible by persons wishing to ship a regulated article.

Inspection fee:             $30 per hour plus mileage

            Certification fee;          $20 for domestic shipments
                                             $50 for international shipments

A bill will be sent to you after the inspection.

Please feel free to contact our office with questions about a specific commodity or product at   785-564-6698.

Inspections and Certifications

  • International and State Phytosanitary Certificates

  • Growing Season Inspections

  • European Corn Borer

  • Plant Pest Permits

  • Biotechnology Inspections

  • Used Agricultural Equipment Inspections

  • Bees and Beekeeping