KAERC Volunteers

The roles necessary to effectively and efficiently respond to an agricultural emergency are extremely diverse. Below is a list of positions that have already been identified as a priority area of need for volunteers. Any individual who is interested in being a part of the KAERC, even if he or she is unsure about what specific role they may fit best, should contact the KAERC coordinator to discuss volunteer options. 

Position Descriptions

  • Appraiser

  • Clean-up and Disinfection Specialist

  • Communications Specialist

  • Community Liaison

  • Data Entry and Record Management Specialist

  • Epidemiologist

  • Finance and Accounting Specialist

  • Case Management Specialist

  • Psychologist/Behavioral Health Specialist

  • Risk Analyst

  • Scientists and Laboratory Technicians

  • Slaughter and Culling Specialist

  • Transportation Specialist

  • Warehouse Management Specialist

  • Information Technology Specialists

  • Mapping (GIS) Specialist

  • Resource Allocation Specialist

  • Physical Laborer

  • Disease Surveillance & Reporting Specialist

  • Training Officer

  • Volunteer Management Specialist

  • Traffic Control and Security Officer

  • Public Educator

Application Process

Individuals applying to be a part of the KAERC should fill out the following forms and submit to the KAERC coordinator at  Kelly.Oliver@KS.gov

KAERC Application Forms

KAERC Code of Conduct Form

KAERC Memorandum of Understanding Form