Technical Assistance

FEMA Funds for technical assistance projects have come available in recent Cooperating Technical Partner (CTP) funding cycles. These projects do not include funding for construction of projects, but they can be utilized for modeling mitigation scenarios for possible projects. These funds can be applied for grant-related purposes, ordinance or code support, engineering and analysis, planning, outreach and education. Communities within Kansas can apply for Technical Assistance support through KDA, though priority will be given where there are active mapping projects. For questions, please contact Joanna Rohlf, by phone at 785-296-7769 or email.

Technical Assistance Request Fillable Form

Technical Assistance Fact Sheet

Upper Republican

The Upper Republican Technical Assistance project was intended as a case study to determine a reasonable method to evaluate hydrology methods for the 1% annual chance event on non-gaged streams in Western Kansas. The project was initiated due to trends of low and zero flow years. 

Upper Republican Technical Assistance Hydrology Report Final