Floodplain Mapping Projects

Verdigris Custom Watershed

The Verdigris Custom Watershed Floodplain Mapping update project kicked off on January 28, 2020, in the cities of Howard and Eureka. Enhanced data development is anticipated to begin in 2022 for the areas that will undergo a regulatory update. Montgomery and Wilson Counties were recently updated and are not anticipated to have a regulatory update with this project. This website will be updated with relevant content as the project moves forward.

Verdigris Custom Watershed

Watershed Discovery Information

Verdigris Custom Watershed Kickoff / Initial Map Review 1-28-2020

Verdigris Kickoff Meeting Notes 1-28-2020 - Howard

Verdigris Kickoff Meeting Notes 1-28-2020 - Eureka

Verdigris Kickoff Meeting Handout - Howard

Verdigris Kickoff Meeting Handout - Eureka

Unsure which watershed you are in?  Use the following link to find out.
Kansas HUC 8 Watershed Map

Or reference the map below for Custom Watershed project areas.

Project Reference Map

Use this page to find relevant information on floodplain mapping projects.  Click on the map below to view current or proposed floodplain mapping projects.  Use the Kansas Floodplain Map Viewer for current effective floodplains.

Project Status & Custom Watersheds Oct. 1, 2019